Welcome to B&B 'FIETS-Inn',
bed and breakfast/Vrienden op de Fiets !!

On the northern edge of the beautiful village of Ezinge in North Groningen, with a view over the Reitdiepvalley, you will find our small but nice B&B 'FIETS-Inn'! You will stay in a beautiful garden room with private toilet and shower, suitable for two people, but one person alone is also very welcome! We are happy to offer you hospitable accommodation here and serve a tasty breakfast.

You look out over the fields and meadows with the dike of the former river Reitdiep behind it. A wide landscape, in which hares and deer feel at home and show themselves regularly. The Marsh Harrier is also a loyal visitor, with its colorful plumage sailing through the air, always looking for a tasty snack.

It is only a short walk to the Reitdiep, and from the dike you have a beautiful view over this winding river, which runs from Groningen to Zoutkamp. The Allersmaborg is also within walking distance (about a 20-minute walk), and well worth a look, if only because of the rookery that resides there.

The garden room has two sliding doors with large windows, so that you really feel part of the environment, you are almost outside. But protected from any wind, cold and rain. For nice weather there is the (private) terrace. Inside, the space is pleasantly decorated with beautiful Van Gogh's on the wall. The beds, with excellent new mattresses, can be placed together or separately.

The room has a kettle, coffee maker, combi microwave, 1-burner induction hob and fridge. so you can make tea and coffee and a tasty snack. There is a dining/reading area (a lot is written at the table, by the way). In the morning we serve a nice breakfast, with nice weather outside on the terrace! Preferably with organic products, such as freshly baked bread(s), cheese, an egg, yogurt, muesli, fruit.

Overnighters appreciate our B&B par excellence because of the peace and space and the unobstructed view. At night you can see a fantastic starry sky when the weather is clear.

The B&B is beautiful, new and fresh; the view is fantastic, and at the same time everything is kept simple. No extra luxury, you fill the kettle outside at the outside tap, and for your (own) toilet/shower you have to go outside (three steps). That is why we can also keep the price friendly. The fixed rate is for Vrienden op de Fiets € 25,00 per person including breakfast. If you are not a member, this is € 33,00 per person. Especially the more sporty visitor, cyclist, walker, mudflat walker, canoeist, will feel right at home with us. We are always curious about your travel stories. For us, the nice thing about running a B&B is that you get to hear so many nice stories, and also get all kinds of new ideas for your own holidays.

If you are with more than two people, you can also pitch your tent in the garden! Real camping diehards can also set up their tent instead of sleeping inside.

You can stay one night, but you are also very welcome for a stay of several days! In the village you can eat well and the area has a lot to offer.

We hope to welcome you here soon, there is a cup of tea or coffee with apple pie waiting for you!

Information and reservation:
Friedeke Hendriks, tel. +31 6 15 88 70 67, call or send an app
or send an email frhendriks[at]planet.nl!

Friedeke and Lammert